IT and Library Equipment Loan Agreement Form
Please read the following agreement carefully.
  • A valid ID card must be produced each time an item is borrowed.

  • All resources must be returned to the IT & Library HelpZone at the site from which it was borrowed by its due date.

  • Any resources that are returned late will incur fines.

  • I understand that I am solely responsible for any resource whilst it is on loan to me.

  • I will take adequate and appropriate measures to protect any borrowed resources from theft, damage and/or other risks. I will ensure that resources are not left unattended at any time.

  • In the unlikely event that a Library resource becomes stolen, I will report the incident to the police and obtain an incident report number.

  • I understand that as the user I will be liable for the full replacement cost of any item of equipment stolen whilst it is on loan to me, and may have to claim on my own insurance when expensive items are lost. (Please check the terms and conditions of your insurance cover, as some policies limit the amount of money an insurer will pay out when equipment is not owned by the user.)
I understand this agreement, shall abide by it, and I undertake to keep safe any resource loaned to me against my Library User Record for the duration of the loan period and to reimburse the Library should any loss or damage occur.